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Project Worm is a collaboration between Grow Ohio Valley and Northwood Health Systems.

Since April 2017, Northwood clients have been teaming up with Grow OV staff at our vermicomposting station at the Outdoor Learning Center on 18th Street. 

What's vermicomposting you might ask? It's composting using the red worm, a special type of worm that can eat through half its body weight per day in fresh food waste. The result is worm castings - an excellent fertilizer for your garden. Project Worm has been collecting food waste from local businesses and organizations around town and feeding it to these worms.

Every other Wednesday during market season, the Project Worm market table will be set up at our stop in East Wheeling with some of our products - including worm castings and worm kits to get a vermicomposting system started at home using your own kitchen scraps. So be sure to stop by and talk with us, learn a little more about vermicomposting, and maybe even hold one of our composting worms!

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