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Why school gardens?
Grow OV is interested in cultural change. And that begins with kids. We want every student to think of gardening as a normal everyday part of life. As one elementary student put it, “Of course we grow our own food. You mean…you don’t?” 

What are we up to?
Grow Ohio Valley has a dream: to see a flourishing organic vegetable garden in every Ohio Valley School.

Gardening works on three levels:
Increased consumption of fresh, healthy vegetables: 
Your kid won't eat tomatoes? Have them grow tomatoes! Guaranteed: those tomatoes will be gone in a flash.
Physical activity
With gardens, children spend time out under the sun, watering, weeding, mulching, sweating, laughing, and playing.
Emotional well-being: 
The sense of pride, accomplishment, and connection that comes with seeing a plant through from seed to fruit is undeniable.  

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