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Planted on a steep hillside (25% grade), the orchard will be a showcase for hillside stabilization, and remediation, as we use a variety of plant-based strategies to control erosion, capture water, and transform a brown-field into fertile ground. 


Grow Ohio Valley is collaborating with the Department of Agriculture and the Wheeling Housing Authority to plant this one-of-a-kind apple orchard on Vineyard Hill. The orchard, located in one of the most visible places in Wheeling, will transform this abandoned hillside into a veritable billboard for fresh food and civic engagement. Groundwork began in 2015; planting-time is hot on our heels! 

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How can I help?
As we move towards our planting date, there will be ample opportunity for volunteers: design, soil improvement, fence-building…all are welcome! We are actively raising funds for the orchard. $500 adopts a tree for its lifetime, providing for its planting, irrigation, pruning, and fertilization. 


vineyard hilltop orchard Grow Ohio Valley